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Q&A files are in the old "flat file" structure that does not allow the many benefits available in a more "relational" structure.  Sesame allows you to use a common relational structure and a natural hierarchical structure.  But exporting the files from Q&A does not come up with a format that allows them to be imported into Sesame for either a relational or hierarchical structure.  Even Q&A databases that have been designed like relational structures using XLOOKUP functions cannot be easily imported correctly into Sesame to support relational/hierarchical structures. 

But that can now be overcome using this service.  This should save many hours of work in the initial translation stages, and provide unlimited value by allowing the use of the more advanced structures available in Sesame.


Instructions to prepare Q&A before exporting

Before exporting Q&A file, perform the following modifications:
1.  Make a backup of your Q&A file before proceeding.
2.  For each line item to be in the Child SubForm, add a Text field.  If you have 15 line items in the database, then 15 fields must be added.  They can have any valid field name, they will not be imported into the Sesame application.  Line1, Line2, etc. may be good.
3.  Perform a Mass Update to the database adding the value "QQLA" (without the quotes) into each of the newly added fields.
4.  You are now ready to set up your export specifications.

Instructions for the Q&A Export specifications.

It is not necessary to move the fields on the form, but it may be easier to do that to eliminate the need to number the fields for exporting.  The following layout positioning is critical:
1.  The first field should be the Key Field, such as Invoice Number, Purchase Order, etc.
2.  All of the fields that will be on the common Parent Form (will call the Header) must be next in sequence.  They can be in any order, as long as they are all ahead of the line items that will be going onto the Child SubForm.  But the order will have to be known when doing the import to Sesame, so perhaps keep the Sesame layout in consideration.
3.  All of the fields that are common to each single line must be kept in a group, any order is OK, but again, consider the Sesame layout.
4.  Each group of line items must be preceded immediately by one of the newly added fields that has the value "QQLA" in the field. (See step 2 in the preparation section above).
5.  If you have moved the fields into the same sequence as noted in steps 1-4, then it will not be necessary to number the export fields.  If the fields are not moved, then they will have to be numbered sequentially to match the export specs just defined in steps 1-4.  Be sure to save the Export Spec with Shift-F8 in case it is necessary to do this again.
6.  Export the file using "Quotes" around text, and the Comma as the delimiter.  Use of the template is your own decision.
7.  Save the exported file.  Typical format would resemble the following cell contents:  Sample of three ParentForm records. There are 3 common fields in the header.  Each parent has 3 lines with 4 fields for each line.

Submitting file(s) for conversion

Once the file has been saved, it can be uploaded using this page.
Please ZIP the file before uploading.  Let me know if you need help with Zip process.
Once I have received the file I can provide a cost estimate within one work day.
Please provide your name, email address and phone number.  Provide any comments you think may be may be useful.


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